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Welcome to Denver Stone Care

At Denver Stone Care we understand your needs. No matter where you live, you get unparalleled attention to detail, the finest techniques and products, and fast, friendly service to protect your investment and bring out the full beauty and luster of your natural stone and tile surfaces. Regardless of your busy schedule, the convenience and flexibility of Denver Stone Care provides you with the professional stone and tile detailing your home deserves.

We are proud to offer granite chip repair and crack repair on all natural stone in addition to maintaining and restoring your natural stone surfaces, so that they look as beautiful as intended on the day of installation. We do not sell or install. We are dedicated solely to the restoration and preservation of natural stone. Whether it's granite, marble, slate, onyx, saltillo, travertine, limestone or terrazzo, our technicians use the finest abrasives and craftsmanship to restore your surface to its best possible finish.

Denver Stone Care also specializes in the following fields:

- scratch & etch removal       - chip repairs

- stain removal                     - refilling of travertine

- crack repairs                      - seam repair

- color enhancing                 - sealing

- lippage removal                  - cleaning

Many service companies out there off a cheap and "quick fix" using crystallization methods or a topical coating. The results leave the stone damaged, discolored, or dull after a short period of time. This leaves you, the homeowner or contractor having to go through the process repeatedly to maintain the shine.

No dust, No wax, No crystalizer, No topical coating, or any other coating. This is our mission statement and that's what separates us from the competition. Our specialists use the finest abrasives and craftsmanship to repair and polish your Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine, and Terrazzo back to its factory finish.

Our skilled professionals restore any and all stone applications. We strive to give our clients their desired reults, ranging from hone to high polish. We can eliminate uneven surfaces, and visible seams.

We take pride in the quality of our craft and in being able to offer customers the benefits of our experience in this highly specialized field along with service that is second to none. Commercial, Residential, and  Subcontracting accounts are welcome.

Thank you for visiting our website, and please visit out gallery to view some of our work.


Contact Us

George Barnes
Stone Specialist
11201 W 102nd Ave
Westminster, CO 80021

Before starting your home or commercial renovation give us a call or email us @ to have your natural stone professionally evaluated today.


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The Stone Repair Network is dedicated in providing quality restoration, repair and maintenance through a network of stone repair professionals. Our network is committed to the education of both the consumer and the industry in the advancement of stone restoration.

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Case Study 1 & 2

Marble Floor Polishing

marblefloorThere are many reasons why a marble floor needs to be polished. One of the most frequent reasons is from scratches. Scratches are any abrasions from a harder surface than the marble. They can be sand, rocks, glass, un-faced polypropylene backing of a rug, or toenails from an animal.

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Marble Etch Repair

ContentEtches in a calcite based stone are caused by an acetic product coming in contact with the stone momentarily. As of today there is not a product that prevents this. No matter how many layers or coats of sealer that you apply it is going to happen.  Most people think of etches as watermarks.

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Case Study 3 & 4

Travertine Floor Polishing

Travertine polishing is accomplished by using diamond pads to remove scratches and etches.



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Granite Repair

This is a case of an individual changing the stove top, and the replacements were all larger than the original opening. A mistake was made and the results were pretty evident.


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Case Study 5

Sealing Natural Stone

BackgroundsThere are hundreds of natural stones used in the house andcommercial settings. There are also hundreds of sealers in the market, so how do you choose what's right for your natural stone?

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Case Study 6

Marble Crack Repair

Any stone can be repaired and cracks are no exception. This is an instant where the table top cracked for whatever reason. After repairing the crack I noticed another crack nearby and in preparing that repair the top literally fell apart in many pieces. This was due to the nature of this type of stone. So a one hour job took five to repair.

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